SISIndia REST - API entry page

Please check ISRIC's data policy, disclaimer and citation: here

PLEASE BE AWARE: SISIndia v1.0 API is still under development (beta stage) and URLs may change

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Basic HowTo:


Swagger/OpenAPI allows for the bellow examples to be tested. This page is intented as initial non technical introduction


Sisindia REST API has 3 end points:

  • /properties/query/mandal
  • /properties/query/district
  • /properties/query/gridded

Mandal/District queries return zonal stastisics, meaning it returns the average soil property for all Mandal/District.


End points implement lat/lon query to available data:

  • /properties/query/district?lon=79.504&lat=15.019
  • /properties/query/gridded?lon=79.504&lat=15.019
  • /properties/query/gridded?lon=79.504&lat=15.019

A Query with different lat/lon but falling in an identical Mandal/District will always return the same soil properties value. Gridded raster have a current resolution of 250m, therefore a Δlon=250m or Δlat=250m; should return different soil properties values.


Gridded data may lack single pixel value due to the nature of the data, this is solved with a kernel/window search. Using nearby=true the API will use a recursive search, starting on the requested lat/long and if no value is found, increasing the search window by 1, calculating the average window value, if value exist it will return value other wise it will continue until a value is found OR a window limit of 10-by-10 is reached.

  • /properties/query/gridded?lon=79.504&lat=15.019&nearby=true

Soil properties should always be specified (due to REST framework). Available soil properties: ["B", "Cu", "EC", "Fe", "K", "Mn", "N", "OC", "P", "pH", "S", "Zn"] All soil properties can be used on the 3 different data types.

  • /properties/query/gridded?lon=79.504&lat=15.019&nearby=true&properties=P&properties=Fe

Output is in geojson format